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Having an engine fail is something that can lead to a tough decision. Should you repair the existing engine, replace it, or, purchase a new vehicle?
There are a few things to consider while making this assessment; the age of the vehicle, the current book value and any emotional attachment.
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  1. Your vehicle has a book value is less than $2,000.00, or is more than ten years old. The cost of putting another engine in the vehicle would not raise the value equal to your expense. Adding another engine to existing motor parts, crankshaft, connection rods, heads and blocks, may also increase the cost.
  2. Your vehicle is less than 10 years old. Repairing or replacing the engine might be good option. You can replace the engine with a new engine, a used engine or a remanufactured engine.
  3. Replacing the engine for a vehicle that is a family heirloom or a collector ' s vehicle would also be a good choice.

Auto Werks Electrical DiagnosticsWhat kind of engine should you replace your engine with? Replacement engines are either new or remanufactured and usually arrive with a warranty, they are almost identical to your existing engine, and some have better performance. You can also replace the engine from a scrap yard. Make sure you know the mileage when buying from a scrap yard and see if they offer warranties.

One way to help avoid engine replacement is to keep your vehicle maintained by following the manufacture guidelines for proper maintenance. The first place to start is changing your oil every 3000 miles.

Call Auto Werks if you need some help making this decision. You can give us a call at (719) 528-6511, fill out our Contact Autowerks form, or, Make an Appointment Online! You should rely on the professionals at Auto Werks to guide you.

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